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The company offers distinguished services that enable it to deal with all types of tasks in a timely and accurate manner. The company is entitled to enter into contract and benefit from the experienced in this field and among its inspection services: 

- Inspection of foodstuffs and feed:

  Grains and seeds - flour - feed - rice - fruits and vegetables – legumes - edible oils - tomato paste - concentrates and juices - sugar - coffee - cocoa - tea - nuts and derivatives - milk and dairy products - Baby Food – Meat and fish - Canned, frozen - dried food and Yeast.

- Inspection of general materials:

  All types of materials, (Minerals, their derivatives and raw materials) Components of plants, Equipment for desalination plants and purification industrial unit, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Stations - All kinds of machinery, spare parts, machinery, heavy and light industrial equipment and cranes, Electrical and electronic equipment and communication and navigation systems, Medical equipment and tools for the processing of hospitals and health clinics,  Transport ships, fishing trawlers and maritime devices, fishing and marine parts units, Engineering, mechanical and chemical products, Non-destructive testing of factories - processed and raw wood - building materials.

- Inspection of medicines and medical supplies:

  Medicines and medical drugs- Pharmaceuticals - Serums and vaccines - Medical materials.

- Oil Inspection

   Crude oil - Petroleum products - Gas products - Liquid products - Solid products

  Our Inspection Services :

1. Pre-manufacturing inspection process (product quality compliance procedures)
2. Inspection during manufacturing, sampling and conformity with local and international specifications and contractual conditions
3 - Inspection before shipment and supervision of loading and coordination within the means of transport.
4. Final inspection (packaging, labeling, explanatory data, etc.).
5- Follow up the arrival of shipments to Libyan ports (land, sea and air) in terms of quality, quantity and weight, and their conformity with the contractual conditions.

 Our Calibration Services :

  1.Calibration of Electrical Test Equipment 2. Calibration of Temperature monitoring Equipment 3.Calibration of Dimension test Equipment 

  4. Calibration of Balance 5. Test & certification of Pressure Vessels 6. Certificate of Lifting Equipment 7. Technical projects consultancy & execution

   supervisions 8. NDT tests and certifications.


    The company has a right to contract with the competent authorities in this regard to carry out the company's procedures for it.The company is entitled to partner in any way with other entities that carry out similar works or cooperate with them in achieving its purpose inside or outside Libya or to merge with them, buy or incorporate them and represent foreign companies.